Saturday, June 21, 2014

Early FoWSA is 27 days out!


Early FoWSA is  27 days out!  (10AM July 19th, 2014)

Announced they are coming so far:  (*L* = lists in)
Justin Baeza *L*
David Beeson  *L*
Rob Gailey
Mark Holmstrup  *L*
Christopher Lisanti
Nathanel Lisanti
Colin McKenzie
Scott G. McKenzie *L*
Mark Reed
Mark Riney

This leaves one open position for the early war tournament.  Once those are gone I’ll take a standby.
If you are not on that list and want to participate, speak up!  

I have allowed one PDF list, the Dutch PDF. 

If you want more information, see earlier post below or email me.
Please remember to email all lists to by 5PM July 12, 2014 for approval.

Ian Straus