Sunday, August 30, 2015

FoWSA10 is two weekends away and we have 17 players with their lists in. 
We have 22 player positions, and I hope that if you haven't signed up you will get your lists in to me by Sept. 2nd.  After that date I will take stand-bys.

Since the tournament is close, I'm posting the table contest rules below.  Copies of the table form are available from me at setup, or now by email.

Ian Straus
FoWSA tournament director

FoWSA 10 Table contest rules

Terrain will be appreciated, and I will give a prize for the best table setup.  Please tell me if you intend to participate in the table contest. 

●We will set up terrain on Friday evening at about 10PM, and/or on Saturday promptly at 9AM. 

●We provide the table, which will likely be larger than 4x6; and you provide everything on top of it.  If you bring a cloth larger than 4x6 then mark or tape it to indicate the actual playing area.
● Because this is a Late War tournament, terrain must represent part of the European theater of operations (no African events in Late War).  Extra consideration will be given if it represents a particular place in which there were 1944-45 military operations, including terrain taken from maps or satellite photos which accompany the table.

● Tables’ play areas will be 4’x6’, except that bocage or urban tables must be 3’x4’.

●Terrain will be defined in writing using the FoWSA table form, so as to prevent disputes and keep the definition of the table consistent between games.  

●Tables must have a density of at least one terrain feature per 2’x2’ area,

●and the whole table must have at least six terrain features that limit line of sight. 

●Impassable terrain and major rivers are not to be used in the center of the board, nor may they prevent entry to any one edge. 

●Rivers that are Very Difficult or Impassable should have fords and/or bridges.  Multiple fords and bridges if they are longer than 3 feet.   (If you want to play a major river crossing operation I’m up for it, but it doesn’t fit in a tournament).

●Nor may more than half the table’s play area be difficult and very difficult terrain.  

●Lone houses are not acceptable, as not realistic for any theater of this war.  (The lone farmhouse is an exceptionally American thing.)

● The FoW rules state that the line of sight rule is WYSIWYG, so do not define “levels” of hills, which are references to other rules.

Note that the criteria for judging the tables are:
Balance: The winner should not be decided by the die roll for setup.
Visual appeal: Is this a good looking, interesting  table? Judge on appearance of terrain components and match to 15mm scale.
Adequacy of the terrain notes and sketch map.
Realism & Appropriateness to the FoW game and period.


Friday, August 21, 2015

FoWSA 10 update 8/21/2015

FoWSA 10 Update

As of August 21st, 22 days before game time, 12 people have their lists in and two more have announced interest and nationality.

Lists in:
Dirk Brower                                       
Art Douglas                        
Chris Jackson                    
Bryan Koches                    
Chris Lisanti                                                       
Michael Lisanti                 
Nathaniel Lisanti              
Jacob Mayer                                                     
Miguel McDowell                                            
Roger Modderman                        
Scott McKenzie                                                
Joe Shaffer                                        
No lists in, but announced interest & nationality:
Mark Riney

Charles Torok    

Please remember, I'd like lists in not later than Sept. 2nd; and tournament day is September 12th.

Ian Straus