Sunday, December 13, 2015

2016 FoWSA Tournaments

In 2016 we will not just have FoWSA11, the eleventh Flames of War San Antonio tournament; and Early FoWSA III, the third early war Flames of War San Antonio tournament.
We will have three FoWSAs: early, middle and late war!

Early FoWSA III – The early war tournament
March 12th, the second Saturday in March
1500 points, single list.   Deadline to get lists in:  March 5th at noon, central time.  Fee: $15.

Middle FoWSA – The mid war tournament
July 9th, the second Saturday in July
1700 points, special 2nd list criteria.  Deadline to get lists in:  July 2nd at noon, central time.  Fee: $15

FoWSA 11 -  The late war tournament
September 10th, the second Saturday in September
1420 points, special 2nd list criteria.  Deadline to get lists in:  September 3rd at noon.  Fee: $20

All three tournaments will be held in the Annex at  Dragon’s Lair Comics, 7959 Fredericksburg Rd # 129 San Antonio, Texas (Fredericksburg Rd and Medical Dr.).  Space is limited, so first pre-registered, first served, after a point I’m taking stand-bys.  Details on the FoWSA facebook group and blog.

Missions will be announced at sign-in.
Email lists to with subject line “2016 FoWSA list”.
Lists must be from Army books and official PDF lists available on line as of one month before each tournament.  You must ask to use a PDF, there will be screening for balance.   Heroes may be used, however when a specific Hero is killed, all lists using that hero immediately lose the hero in question for that round. 

$5 discount for LSHM members who pre-register. Tournament fees will be payable on the day of event at the door. Lunch (pizza) is included in the entry fee.   On the day of the event, registration opens at 09:00 AM, pairing at 10:00 AM, and play begins at 10:15 AM.  Expect play to continue until after 7PM.

Terrain will be appreciated, and in each tournament I will give a prize for the best table.  (We provide the table, you provide everything on top of it.)  Please tell me if you intend to participate in the terrain table contest, so that I may send you table criteria and forms.

Ian Straus
Tournament director

For FoWSA tournament and San Antonio Flames of War events information see our blog
Or the facebook page