Friday, September 6, 2013

FOWSA Status - Good to Go!

Latest update from Ian:

I have been asked what the status of FoWSA is:

We have 16 players, so will have all the table space we need.
All lists are good at this point, I've resolved problems with any players who were pushing the edge.

Table terrain setup is Friday at 10PM. We may have to do some supplemental setup at 9AM because the store has some non-historical competitions going Friday night, but we'll know if we have to do a couple of tables at 9AM.

We have 16 players, evenly divided between mid and late war. Mid war is even axis-allied, but late war is heavy on allied.
Prize support from Dragon's Lair turned out to be generous.

Sign-in is Saturday at 9AM, when the store will open. Play will begin at 10AM.

Bring your $15. Remember lunch will be pizza, included in the fee.

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