Sunday, July 13, 2014

Early FoWSA update - six days away!

It's Sunday, and Early FoWSA is six days away.

We have 14 players including two stand-bys who have sent lists, so with luck seven tables will be playing.  I hope to see you all on Saturday July 19th.

Announced they are coming so far:  (*L* = lists in)
Justin Baeza *L*
David Beeson  *L*
Rob Gailey *L*
Mark Holmstrup  *L*
Christopher Lisanti *L*
Michael Lisanti *L*
Nathanel Lisanti *L*
Colin McKenzie *L but need correction*
Scott G. McKenzie *L*
Mark Reed  *L*
Andy Blozinski *L*
Greg Ottoman *L*

And standbys
Steve Leopard *L*
Wes Knight *L*
 No list yet from Ross, the original first stand-by.

So we have:
5 German, 2 Soviet, 2 French, 2 Italian, 1 each of British, Finnish, Dutch.
5 tank, 2 mech, and 7 infantry companies.

I am emailing out the table terrain key form. 

Ian Straus

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