Thursday, April 30, 2015

As of April 30th, I have two pieces of Early FoWSA 2 news:

First, this week we received generous prize support from Mark IV Miniatures, maker of 15mm buildings.

Second,  ten players already have their lists in:

Justin Baeza, German

Mark Bayne, French

Chris Lisanti, French

Nathaniel Lisanti, Soviet

Michael Lisanti, German

Jacob Mayer, German

Mark Reed,  German

Charles Torok, Italian

Michael McGrail, Soviet

Tom McBrayer, Soviet

That’s  Germanx4  French x 2 Soviet x 3, Italian x1
I'm standing by for you guys with British, Finns, and Japanese. (I've got an email from one who promises to bring Brits, but no list yet.)

Remember, I'm asking for lists by 5PM May 16th.
Please email all lists to , with the subject line “Early FoWSA 2 List.”

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