Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Early FoWSA 2 players as of May 19th 2015

Justin Baeza, German
Mark Bayne, French
Art Douglas, German
Mark Greenwald, Soviet
Chris Lisanti, French
Nathaniel Lisanti, Soviet
Michael Lisanti, German
Clay Longino, British
Jacob Mayer, German
Tom McBrayer, Soviet
Michael McGrail, Soviet
Colin Mckenzie, Vichy French
Scott McKenzie, German
Mark Reed,  Slovak (Ger. Ally)
Elliot Selle, French
Charles Torok, Italian
Roger Modderman, German (standby)

That’s 6 German companies, 4 Soviet, 4 French, and one Italian, one British, one Slovak..
No Finns or Japanese?

 So far one person is setting up two tables.  Who else want to be in the table contest?  Email me for the table definition form.

Ian Straus

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