Friday, August 21, 2015

FoWSA 10 update 8/21/2015

FoWSA 10 Update

As of August 21st, 22 days before game time, 12 people have their lists in and two more have announced interest and nationality.

Lists in:
Dirk Brower                                       
Art Douglas                        
Chris Jackson                    
Bryan Koches                    
Chris Lisanti                                                       
Michael Lisanti                 
Nathaniel Lisanti              
Jacob Mayer                                                     
Miguel McDowell                                            
Roger Modderman                        
Scott McKenzie                                                
Joe Shaffer                                        
No lists in, but announced interest & nationality:
Mark Riney

Charles Torok    

Please remember, I'd like lists in not later than Sept. 2nd; and tournament day is September 12th.

Ian Straus


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