Thursday, August 16, 2012

FoWSA is one month from today!

One month to go and 36 people signed up.
There is space for 22 more

If you plan to attend and your name is not on the following list,
let me know ASAP. If you missed the previous announcements and
need the info, let me know, and I will forward it to you.
Several people have offered to set up tables, and as always
all are welcome to do this.
Lists are due by Sep 8, and preferred by Sep 1.
Also, let me know era (mid or late) and Axis or Allies ASAP.

List of people signed up for  FOWSA 7:

John Annhaiser
Chris Baker     MW    Axis
Mario Bassin
Mark Bayne      LW    Allies
Mike Becker
Dave Beeson     MW    Allies
Andy Blozinski  MW    Axis
Kris Boss
Mark Cole       LW    Axis
Jonathan Cryer  LW    Axis
Adam Davis      LW    Axis
Art Douglas     MW    Axis
Gene Evans
Mike Gomez      MW    Axis
Will Hanson     LW    Axis
Jando Kibbe
Matt Kibbe
Wes Knight
Bryan Koches
Steve Leopard
Mark Leroux
Chris Lisanti
Michael Lisanti
Nathaniel Lisanti
Clay Longino            Allies
Jake Mayer         LW   Allies
Jim Mundt
Will Mundt     MW     Axis
Joe Paquette
Mark Reed
Maek Riney
Joe Shaffer
Ian Straus
Mike Travis    LW     Allies
Eric Warren    LW    Allies
Todd Wikel

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