Saturday, September 1, 2012

FOWSA update - Sept. 1

FOWSA is two weeks from today!!
40 people are signed up, and there is room for 18 more.
Please confirm if you are attending ASAP.

Things we need:

1) For everyone local (SA, Austin) - Floor Lamps and extension cords.
   We are using the same space as last year, so lighting is needed.

2) If anyone would like to cover a table, you are welcome to bring
   terrain and mats for a table or 2. If you are going to do a table,
   please come by Friday night or Saturday by 8 AM to set it up.

Lists are due by next Saturday.

Before then, I need at least the  side (Axis or Allies)
and era (MW or LW) from the following people.

John Annhaiser
Mario Bassin
Mike Becker
Gene Evans
Greg Horner
Wes Knight
Bryan Koches
Mark Leroux
Jim Mundt
Joe Paquette
Mark Reed
Adam Rios    
Warren Silliman
Ian Straus
Todd Wikel

Please tell me what you would like to play, and not
"I'll play what you need".  I won't know what we need until
I have a preference from everyone!

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