Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bane of War III

I would like to start adding the AAR's of other 'Flames of War' events to this blog. There is a large group of players who attend all the local tourneys. And, I'd like to help support them as best I can.

Here are the results from the Bane of War III tournament in Austin, TX, hosted by Mark Bayne.

First off, thank you all for coming, and those out of towners that made such a commitment to make it. What an incredible time, the competition was crazy good. Jacob won the tournament with 4 perfect games and a 4-3 victory in the finale. From watching many of his games, they came down to a few rolls either way, were expertly played by him and his opponents and were well earned! Our painting competition was judged by 4 people, because the 3 of us could not agree on which was the best, they were that good!

Grand Champion - Jacob Mayer with an impressive 33 points!
Best General (2nd) - Bill Wilcox, periscoping after a dismal first round and a decent 2nd round to score a solid 29 points
3rd place - Mark Greenwald had an excellent tournament and a solid 5 rounds. 28 points
4th place - Chris Baker. Top minor nation, Chris easily had the toughest schedule. Facing 4 of the top 10 players and D. Vigor, including a glorious 5 -2 in the opening round vs. Wilcox! Also 28 points (.1 point difference in sportsmanship got him 4th)
Best Sportsman went to Chris Fretts, this was a VERY close race but Chris is such a pleasure to have at a tournament it was an easy win for him!
Toughest Ombre (allied player) went to Joe Paquette Also 25 points
For the Father Land went to Steve Tinsley 25 points with an excellent sports score
For the Mother land went to Ed Forbes, who braved the cynics and ran a very strong Russian Rotto force! 25 points
Stalwart Defender went to Mathew Lewis, who had a great attitude, played every game tough, and was our most consistent player throughout the tournament never giving up!

Best painted army went to Bill Wilcox and his gorgeous american tanks. This was extremely close, voted on by every opponent on a strict scale, then with 4 judges.
Best painted platoon went to Justin Baeza, a new comer to FoW and a fantastic painter!
Best objective went to STeve Kersten, with a ridiculously gorgeous objective marker
Best Team went to Biff Coon, again with a gorgeous armored vehicle.

Best Table went to Eric Warren
2nd best table, and a very close 2nd, went to Bryan Koches
3rd best table went to Joe Paquette, with a really cool home made foam topper.

There were SO many great tables, out of the 28 tables we had around 21 tables brought in by players, THANKS GUYS. That is a huge showing and great commitment, thank you so much for the gorgeous terrain! For those that brought theres and didnt get to setup, I will ensure you do next year!

Participant nationality
1 Jacob Mayer USA
2 Bill Wilcox USA
3 Mark Greenwald USA
4 Chris Baker Finn
5 Chris Fretts USA
6 Steve Tinsley german
7 Joe Paquette USA
8 Steve Kersten German
9 Ed forbes Russian
10. Scott Mckenzie german
11. Jose Thomas USA
12. Colin Mckenzie German
13. Bryan Koches USA
14. Eric Warren Brit
15. Mark Cole German
16. Gene Evens Hungarians
17. Wes Knight USA
18. Byron Sinor USA
19. Everette Chun USA
20. Mark Riney USA
21. Biff Coon british
22. Matt Kibbe
23. David Vigor German
24. Clay Longino German
25. Chris Jackson German
26. Jair Bobys USA
27. Warren Silliman German
28. Ian Baker German
29. Andy Blozinsky German
30. Jas Springer Russian
31. Joseph Burns USA
32. Dave Beeson USA
33. Steve Leopard Soviet AA
34. Michael Lewis USA
35. J.R. Armstrong german
36. Art Douglas German
37. Cory Waddingham USA
38. Hal Rudd German
39. Garry Herrman German
40. Adam Rios USA
41. Adam Davis German
42. Joesph Anderson German
43. Will Hanson German
44. Thomas Denney German
45. Jacob grossBauer German
46. Joe Shaffer Russian
47. Mike Gomez USA
48. Matthew Bartley Russian
49. John Denney German
50. Mark Reed Soviet
51. Justin Baeza German
52. David Coon German
53. Cory Smith USA
54. Jon Wolf german
55. Steven Smith German
56. Chris Arnold USA

Some of my favorite quotes of the tournament:
My daughter telling me, after a rather filthy word coming out of my mouth, "Daddy, you have been around these guys too long!"
Ian Baker letting fly with a "Oh Crap" when Eric Warren was called as his opponent
Getting to announce that a 12 year old beat 3/4 of the field with an excellent tournament, GREAT JOB COLLIN MCKENZIE!
When making an off comment that I probably went a little over the top with the awards, Matt Kibbe says,"there perfect Mark, your a bit over the top too!" lol

My favorite times, by far, are the after hours AAR's and and just funny stories, especially when you get Bill all lit up (pissed, buzzed, inebriated, etc..) and let him loose on the crowd. Some of the stories, oh boy...

Special thanks to Matt Kibbe (the brawn) and Chris Arnold (the brains) for stepping in and helping me with the tournament, playing games when they were needed, and keeping everything in check whilst I was running from my computer, to tables, to the microphone, back to the tables, then rinse, and repeat!

Also, thanks to everyone who helped with setup, and ESPECIALLY those that stayed to help with cleanup even though we were all exhausted!

This is also a heartfelt goodbye to a good friend Mr. Bill Wilcox, I will miss ya when you go to Europe (in 2 weeks!) and hope to see you next year bud! Glad you could make it for your last hoorah as a statesman!
And our sympathies out to Todd Wikel on a personal matter that kept him from being able to make it, our prayers are with you and yours.


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