Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FOWSA 7 Results

FOWSA 7 went off as scheduled on Sep 15.
We had 32 participants divided into Mid-War and Late-War divisions.
Four rounds were played using 750 pt and 1500 pt armies.

The missions used were as follows:

Round 1 - Free-for-All, 750 points 1.5 hr time limit
Round 2 - No Retreat, 750 points 1.5 hr time limit
Round 3 - Player's choice of Fighting Witdrawal or Surrounded
          1500 points, 2.5 hr time limit
Round 4 - Encounter, 1500 points, 2.5 hr time limit

When it was all over, the results were:

Jake Mayer       US Rifle Company          ***Overall Tournament Champion***
Tim Frisbee      Afrika Sch?tzenkompanie            Best Mid-War
Bryan Koches     US Tank Company                    Best Late War
Mike Gomez       US Rifle Company                   Best Mid-War Allied
Mark Bayne       Soviet Kazachiy Polk
Hal Rudd         Panzergrenadier Lehr Kompanie      Best Late War Axis
Will Hanson      Panzerkompanie
Jim Mundt        British Rifle Company
Chris Lisanti    Panzerpionierkompanie
Andy Blozinski   Gepanzerte PanzergrenadierKompanie Best Mid-War Axis
Willem Mundt     German Grenadierkompanie
Ian Straus       Soviet Tankovy Batalon             Best Late War Allied
Joe Paquette     Italian Compania Carri
Mike Travis      US Tank Company
Wes Knight       US Tank Company
Warren Silliman  Pionierkompanie
Mark Leroux      Morskaya Pekhota Batalon
Eric Warren      British Rifle Company              Best Sportsmanship
Adam Davis       Panzerkompanie
Nolan King       Finnish Jaakarikompania
Gene Evans       Pionierkompanie
Nathanael Lisanti Soviet Guards Strelkovy batalon
Dave Beeson      US Ranger Company
Mark Reed        Soviet Rota Razvedki
Art Douglas      Luftwaffe Feldkompanie             Thomas Nicholson Award
                                                     for Painting Excellence
Adam Rios        British Armored Car Squadron
Mark Riney       Soviet Strelkovy Batalon
Michael Lisanti  US 2ID Rifle Company
Barney Friedman  US Tank Company
Bill Brock       Panzergrenadierkompanie
Joe Shaffer      Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie Best Table
John Denny       German Pionierkompanie

Since this event is a regional qualifier for US nationals, our top 5 overall
are qualified for 2013 Nationals:

1 Jacob Mayer
2 Tim Frisbee
3 Bryan Koches
4 Mike Gomez
5 Mark Bayne

The tournament organizers would like to thank the following people/organizations:

Battlefront Miniatures for their generous prize support and publicity.

Our host venue, Dragon's Lair Games and Comics for providing space and tables,
  generous prize support, and for judging the Best-Painted Army contest.
  A special thanks to Ralph for picking up lunch.

Lone Star Historical Miniatures for providing administrative support,
additional tables and additional prize support.

Ralph, James, Joe, Ian for staying late Friday to set up.

Ian, Mike, Joe, Tim, Andy, and Mark B for providing very nice terrain setups.

Everyone who brought lamps and extension cords to light the additional space.

Everyone who helped clean up after the event

All-in-All FOWSA 7 was a great success, and all involved had a great time.
Thanks again, and be ready for FOWSA 8 next September!

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