Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flames of War Game Day - Oct 5th

I would like to invite everyone to a Flames of War Game Day at Dragon's Lair-San Antonio on Saturday October 5th starting at 11am.

The purpose of this group will be to create more opportunities for local players to play Flames of War and to promote the hobby. We will be meeting on a monthly basis except for months when a tournament or convention is already scheduled.

This initial meetup will consist of casual one-on-one games. Players will be matched up based on skill level and army lists. If you can, please bring two 1500 pt forces of different types. example: one Mid-War and one Late-War; or one Axis and one Allied. There is no requirement to bring two armies but it would help in setting matchups.
We'll be playing the basic Free-for-All scenario with 1500pts. Players will be paired up based on available forces. Allies vs. Axis and try to keep LW and MW armies together.

New players are welcome as well. We will discuss a schedule for future meetups as well as the possibility of doing a campaign.
Hope to see you there!

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