Friday, October 18, 2013

The November 30th Tanksgiving game at Dragon's Lair is listed on Battlefront's web site.
I've been asked a couple of questions about it, so: 

1) It would be good if people would RSVP, so we know how many are playing on which side (Axis or allied) and how big a table to set up.

2) Each player can bring up to four 1500 point late war tank companies. These should be on the same side, either Allied or Axis. They should be listed (in whatever book you draw them from) as tank companies, not infantry or mechanized; and must have no more than one platoon of infantry. (That's not too much of a strain since only so much armor will fit into 1500 points). Don't buy air support, since there's a Tanksgiving game mechanic to provide the air.  
The Tanksgiving game special rules basically balance the sides by having each player on the more numerous side starting with one company, and the additional companies come as reinforcements.
Ian Straus

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  1. An update on this:
    We now have nine people signed up for Tanksgiving, plus me.
    Person Will play side Date of RSVP
    Wes Knight Germans Oct 19
    Chris Lisanti German Oct 19
    Nathaniel Lisanti Soviet, 3 co’s Oct 19
    Arthur Douglas German Oct 22
    Elliot Selle US Oct 25
    Garrett Gatzemeyer Allied (Brit & US) Oct 28
    Alonso Perezmartinez German [can do US] Oct 31
    Mark Reed Axis Nov 11
    David Beeson US Nov 14

    Ian Straus