Monday, August 4, 2014

FoWSA9 table contest rules:

Terrain table restrictions for FoWSA9:

Terrain will be appreciated, so we will have a terrain table contest, and I will give a prize for the best 4’x6’ table setup.  (We provide the table, which will likely be larger than 4x6; and you provide everything on top of it.)  We will set up terrain on Friday evening at about 10PM.  Please tell me in advance if you intend to participate in the table contest. 

Tables must represent European terrain involved in combat in 1944-45 (France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Rumania), and should be identified as to what area they represent.

Terrain will be defined in writing using the FoWSA table form, available from me [ian.straus@att,net] – and I will bring forms to the event.   Use the terrain types and nomenclature defined in the rulebook.

Tables must have a density of at least one terrain feature per 2’x2’ area, and the whole table must have at least six terrain features that limit line of sight.  Impassable terrain and major rivers in the center of the board are not to be used, nor impassable terrain on more than 10” of any side, nor may more than half the table area be difficult terrain.   Lone houses are not acceptable, as not realistic for any theater of this war.   Tables should be balanced so that victory is not decided by the die roll for choice of side, nor should they be impractical for either armor or infantry,  and that will be reflected in the judging criteria.  

Ian Straus

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