Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3 update on FoWSA9

We are a little over a month away from FoWSA9, the ninth annual San Antonio Flames of War tournament.

As previously announced, we only have table space for 16 players.  The Dragon's Lair Annex is going to be used by a very large card game gathering, so FoWSA 9 is back in the main store and that's all the table space we are guaranteed at this point.
Therefore - your tournament slot is guaranteed when you get your lists in and approved.  After the first 16 I will take stand-bys.  Experience says a stand-by or two is likely to move up.

At this point (August 3, 2014) the following players have submitted lists for approval:

Chris Jackson
The Lisantis (Chris, Nathaniel, and Michael)
Justin Baeza
Jason Moses
Ten more player positions are available.

So although the original events announcement says the deadline for lists is  28 Aug 2014 for approval, it will help to get then in early.

Other elements of the original announcement are unchanged, as posted elsewhere in this blog.

Ian Straus

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