Sunday, January 24, 2016

Middle FoWSA Announcement

After Early FoWSA, we have Middle FoWSA.

Middle FoWSA
You are invited to the 2016 Mid-War Flames of War San Antonio Tournament,
Otherwise known as Middle FoWSA.  
(The last time we did mid -war in FoWSA was in 2013, so this might be Middle FoWSA 10.1)
The tournament will be held on the second Saturday in July, July 9th, 2016 in the Annex  at  Dragon’s Lair Comics, 7959 Fredericksburg Rd # 129 San Antonio, Texas (Fredericksburg Rd and Medical Dr.).

There are 18 player slots.  First lists in and approved, first served.  I will take stand-bys after that.  Please Email all lists to Ian Straus at by.noon July 2nd 2016 for approval.  Send lists with subject line “Middle FoWSA  lists”.

This Mid War Tournament will cost $15.00 with a $5 discount for current LSHM members who pre-register. Tournament fees will be payable on the day of event at the door. Lunch (pizza) is included in the entry fee.   On the day of the event, registration opens at 09:00 AM, pairing at 10AM, and play begins at 10:15 AM.  Expect play to continue until 8PM.

The Tournament will use 1700 points, with special 2nd list criteria.  Deadline to get lists in:  July 2nd at noon, central time. Armies must be built from the current mid war Army books and official PDF lists available on line as of June 1st 2016,  principally Eastern Front and North Africa.

There will be 4 rounds played:
Rounds 1 and 2 will last at most 1 hour and 30 minutes.  When composing your main list, please create an 850 point list to be used  in rounds 1 & 2. This lists must be a subset of your 1700 point list and must contain at least a company HQ and 1 combat platoon. You may reduce or increase the number  of squads or vehicles within a platoon, up to the maximum or down to the minimum, and add or drop upgrades in order to get as close as possible to 850 points (but not over 850),  but you may not use a platoon not included in your 1700 point list.   Rounds 1-2 will be played on 3’x4’ half-tables, and distances in the missions will be modified to fit this table size.
Rounds 3 and 4 lasting 2 hrs 30 min. with an option (up to the second player) to take 10 more minutes to finish the current turn or to end it immediately.  These rounds will be played with your 1700 point list, on the full tables.

Lists must show the player’s name, player’s city,  the book or PDF on which they are based,  the company nationality,  name and page number, the number and types of stands in each platoon, as well as the point costs and upgrades.  Bring copies of your list for your opponent to look at, and bring the source book or PDF.
Heroes may be used.  However when a specific Hero is killed, all players using that hero immediately lose the hero in question for that round.  (After all these guys are unique.)

Missions will be announced at sign-in.
Priorities in pairings in rounds 1& 2 will be:  No repeat battles with the same opponent; pair Axis vs. Allied; pair opponents from different cities.
Priorities of pairings in rounds 3 & 4 will be:  No repeats vs. the same opponent;  pair Axis vs. Allied; Highest cumulative scores vs. highest.

Prizes will be awarded to best overall general, best Axis, and best Allied players as well as prizes for best-painted army and best terrain table. 

Terrain will be appreciated, and I will give a prize for the best table.  (We provide the table, you provide everything on top of it.)  We may set up terrain on Friday evening at about 10PM, or Saturday at 9:00AM.  Please tell me if you intend to participate in the terrain table contest, so that I may send you table criteria and forms.

Ian Straus, tournament director.
For FoWSA tournament and San Antonio Flames of War events information see our blog
Or the facebook page

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