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Early FoWSA III announcement

March 12, 2016

The third annual EARLY WAR Flames of War San Antonio tournament will be at 10AM Saturday March 12, 2015 at Dragons Lair Comics, 7959 Fredericksburg Rd # 129 San Antonio, Texas (Fredericksburg Rd and Medical Dr, in the Annex). 

 Since it's early war, it's earlier than the middle and late war FoWSA events which will be July 9th and September 10th.

The tournament will accommodate 18 participants.  First registered and with lists in, first served; others on standby; and we will look for a volunteer on standby to ensure an even number of players.

The Tournament will cost $15.00, but $10 for members of LSHM at the time of pre-registration. Tournament fees are payable on the day of event at the door. Lunch is included in the entry fee.   On the day of the event, registration opens at 10:00 AM and play begins at 10:30 AM.

Make 1500 point lists from the Barbarossa, Blitzkrieg, Burning Empires, Hellfire and Back, or Rising Sun books. Request permission for PDFs.  Please email all lists to by March 5th at          noon, central time, for approval, with subject line

” Early FoWSA 3 list”.  

Bring a copy of your list and  the source book to show to your opponents.  Lists must show:  The player’s name,  the source page and company name, types and numbers of stands in each platoon, and point costs; and should list any special rules and options that apply to them.

Three rounds  will be played.  Pairings will be done with these priorities:  No repeat pairings; opponents from different cities; historical opponent armies.   And in round 3, priorities will be: No repeat pairings; the highest vs. highest- scoring players; opponents from different cities.  Rounds will be 2 ½ hours, plus up to 15 minutes to finish the current turn. 

Missions  will be announced at 10AM,  will be from the 3rd edition rulebook, and will include one fair fight and one defensive mission.

Tables will be themed to the theaters of war: France, Poland, Mongolia, North Africa, Russia, Finland.  

Table contest:  Terrain will be appreciated, and I will give a prize for the best 4’x6’ table setup.  (We provide the table, which will likely be 5x6; and you provide everything on top of it.)  We may be able to set up terrain on Friday evening at about 10PM.  Please tell me if you intend to participate in the table contest. 

Tables must have a density of at least one terrain feature per 2’x2’ area, and the whole table must have at least five terrain features that limit line of sight.  Impassable terrain and major rivers in the center of the board are not to be used, nor may more than half the table be difficult terrain.   Lone houses are not acceptable, as not realistic for any theater of this war.  Terrain will be defined in writing using the FoWSA table form.  

Miniatures must be 15mm of any brand or brands (other scales for aircraft are acceptable), and must be painted.  (Just primed or painted in one or two colors does not qualify.)  Proxies are only acceptable if close to the actual listed equipment, and “close” will be defined by arbitrary rulings of the Umpire.

Prizes will be awarded to best overall general and for 2nd place,  best-painted army, best terrain table.  (There is no point talking about best Axis or best Allied in early war.  Where would you classify the Soviets as they invade Poland?)

Ian Straus    

Tournament organizer

For frequent FoWSA tournament and San Antonio Flames of War events information see the facebook page

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